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  • Competition is increasing but the long-standing blue chip brands dominate the search landscape. A small business owner can now find respite by targeting local niche. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or chain of buildings in different locations in Canada, you can reach your target audience easily. Local Search Engine Optimization will give you that opportunity to establish direct contacts with your ‘local’ audience. To reach out to them, you need to optimize your website accordingly. Have our Local SEO experts by your side and see how you expand your business in months!

  • Search has changed, we know and today, the ranking is not the goal, but selling is! ProSEO goes beyond traditional search marketing techniques to help you establish a brand that can hold up against such fierce competition. When search algorithms are getting smarter with each passing day, it is pertinent for any online business to upgrade the strategies that can help in maintaining high SERPs.

  • In digital industry, we have seen different techniques of online marketing like SEO, SMM, PPC etc. Shortly, the world will see the next wave of online marketing in the form of Social Media Optimization which is also popularly known as Search Marketing Optimization (SMO). If you are an E-commerce company, you can hardly survive without an online presence and consumer interaction.

  • Are you looking for ways to create a buzz for your website? Try taking the advantage of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram et al. Today, a company can directly establish B2C contact when they have a powerful presence on these platforms. Our aim is to place your business in such a position from where you can reap the benefits of two-way communication between you and your potential client.

  • We have often read that ‘Content is KING’! True to this statement, the demand for CONTENT has increased in leaps and bounds and the whole search algorithm revolves around it. Today, when a buyer makes a purchase decision, content marketing comes in. It is all about identifying the consumer demographics, buying pattern and the questions they ask during the buying process.

  • As the adage goes, “Your first impression is the last”, you need to ensure that you have a compelling website. An attractive and user-friendly interface of a website is what it takes to keep the prospective customer glued to your website. The website design and development team at ProSEO provides client-oriented services of the highest standards.

  • Our traffic has increased by 64% since they’ve worked on our site and they got multiple keywords we were ranking poorly for up to the first page. In fact, our keywords have improved by an average of 56 positions during our time with PRO SEO. Some of the content they have created for us has amassed over 200 shares via social media. I highly recommend their SEO as they have made a great difference to our business and have been professional to communicate with too.

    Robert M. Morris

  • This is our second season working PRO SEO Agency and must say we are very satisfied with their team’s goals and efforts. It’s noticeable how much our traffic has increased since we started the last project, as well as rankings – in a few days we passed from a second page position to top 3. The team’s very helpful and provides easy and fast communication for questions, suggestions and requests. Definitely recommend and look forward to work together again.

    Michelle Goldsmith